Department of Motor Vehicle Services

DMV License Plate Issuance and Renewals

The Village of Bonduel's Clerk's office is an authorized agent for the DMV, issuing license plates and renewal services. The office can provide you with the following DMV products and services:

- Online title application processing
- Online license plate renewals
- Issue license plates (metal) for cars, light trucks and motorcycles immediately
- Issue license plate renewal stickers for cars, light trucks and motorcycles immediately
- Our office is unable to process special plates (I.e. Farm, collectors, trailers, firefighter, etc.)

DMV Fees

The DMV determines the fees that are charged for licensing vehicles in the State of Wisconsin. The current fees are:

- Title Fee: $164.50
- License Plate Fee: $85.00 (Trucks may be higher based on weight)
- Processing Fee: $19.50 for licensing, $10.00 for renewals
- Taxes: Five Percent Wisconsin Sales tax, Plus County Sales tax where you reside
- Other fees may apply for lien holders
Only Cash or Check are accepted for DMV services. Checks must be payable to the Village of Bonduel.